Make Innovation Everybody's Business



As a leading provider of tailored software solutions, Visma works to streamline routines and business processes so the clients are able to focus on the company’s core business.

Visma has more than 240.000 customers, and a stated goal of exceeding every customer’s expectations.


Visma’s management made a strategic decision to start developing custom smartphone apps to their clients.

Offering highly innovative and profitable smartphone apps was a natural extension of Visma Sirius’ business of making tailor-made IT solutions. But this new focus carried with it two challenges:

  1. To create awareness and understanding among employees about the new strategy.
  2. To find good ideas for custom smartphone apps designed to increase turnover and create value for Visma’s clients.


Visma used Nosco to launch a three-week idea campaign. The employees were asked to submit “Ideas for value creating, profitable smartphone applications aimed at a specific client”.

All ideas were evaluated against three criteria:

  1. Ranking by co-workers
  2. Relevance in terms of benefitting a specific client
  3. Exploitation of essential smartphone features, e.g. GPS, compass, video, etc.

To stimulate interest in the campaign, the management team made a vital commitment: the 10 best ideas should be developed into actual business cases, which would be presented to clients.

In addition, attractive prizes were offered: the best idea, the most profitable idea, and the most constructive comment during the idea exchange process would each be rewarded with an iPad.


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