Make Innovation Everybody's Business



VELUX is the world’s leading producer of rooftop windows. VELUX have successfully used workshops as a great tool for generating ideas for new concepts with substantial business potential.

The outcome has always been of good quality, but workshops tend to be time consuming, demand a lot of resources and, due to practical reasons, the number of people who can contribute is limited.


VELUX acknowledged that valuable knowledge exists amongst employees as well as outside the company, which is why they wanted to involve more people from both inside and outside the office walls in the innovation process and the development of new products.


Nosco introduced VELUX to a large-scale online idea campaign, which made it easy to involve thousands of people in the idea generating process. The platform enabled VELUX to introduce large-scale online workshops and made it easy to involve thousands of people in generating ideas and collaborating on a specific topic.

This process gave an opportunity to identify people with expert knowledge and involve experts in evaluating and maturing the ideas.


VELUX benefited from combining a large number of participants and hand picked experts, because this added more flavour to the idea generating process.

The online platform was very well received by all employees and outside connections, which was shown in the very high participation rate and large number of high-quality ideas, increasing knowledge sharing and contributed to the gathering of the company.