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The Field Kit


We’ve prepared the Field Kit to accompany the Field Guide, because reading about idea campaigns is good and all, but taking action on your own campaigns is great!

This Field Kit is stockpiled with free resources for making valuable idea campaigns happen in your own organisation.

Use our best practices and templates for messages, checklists and pictures every time you launch a new idea campaign. You can also get some more inspiration from other cases we’ve worked with here.


Make people participate in your campaign, by sending them the perfect message. A clear message can make a world of difference and have impact on engagement in your idea campaign.

Here are the messages that have proved to work best for us.


With the right checklist, a novice pilot can fly a Jumbo Jet. With our campaign checklists, you will be planning and executing lika a seasoned pro in no time. Get a printable checklist here. Ensure you cover everything in your own idea campaign by following all the steps every time you launch a campaign.


Make your campaigns shine by adding breathtaking visuals. We’ve selected our top 10 artworks, they are free-to-use and prepared for the Nosco Platform.


Get your own copy of the Nosco Field Guide here.

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