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PENTAX Life Care is a global manufacturer of endoscopes and is renowned for technological innovation at the highest level.

An endoscope is an instrument used by doctors to look inside the human body without performing surgery.


Some of the critical issues at PENTAX are effectively collecting, evaluating and managing ideas from employees, in order to capitalise on the vast knowledge across the company. The company needed a platform that could gather and structure company ideas.


PENTAX launched Nosco with an idea campaign focused on “Process improvements in Service” and defined four parameters to evaluate ideas on:

  • The benefit for the customer
  • Internal/External performance increase
  • If the idea is easy to execute
  • Necessary investment

Employees from different departments were invited to the idea campaign. It ran for two weeks, inspiring employees to take action and submit their ideas.

Languages barriers, e.g. in Japan and the Philippines, were overcome by integrating Nosco with Google Analytics which enabled employees to write in their native tongue. As a result of the limited time, the level of interest remained high to the last day of the campaign.

Afterwards, employees could follow the progress of each idea during the evaluation period.


More than 160 ideas were submitted. The eight best ideas were selected for the next stages of the idea management process.

PENTAX Life Care experienced how a well structured and focused idea campaign solved their problem of how to harvest the good ideas from the employees’ world wide in an easy and engaging way.

Now, the process of collecting and evaluating ideas has a set structure, is properly defined and can follow a working schedule. This saves a lot of time and reduces the cost of new ideas campaigns in the future.


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