Ørsted Innovation Challenge – bright green future

Who is Ørsted?

Ørsted is the largest energy provider in Denmark and the largest wind farm company in the world operating within B2B and B2C markets and employing nearly 6,000 worldwide.

Ørsted began working with Nosco in 2016 by running an innovation challenge within their wind power unit. The great success of this initiative, a new patent granted and over 2.5 million in funding of the the winning idea, resulted in a new business line for the company. This year, Ørsted introduced innovation challenges to their remaining business units, bioenergy & thermal power and customer solutions in addition to their wind power unit.

What did Ørsted want to achieve?

  • Discover high potential innovation opportunities
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration
  • Create a change in mindset among employees and management

How we did it

Part 1: Innovation Challenge

The innovation challenge was a competitive and engaging experience intended to create excitement around the new company-wide initiative. The innovation challenge enabled cross-functional collaboration and networking opportunities as well as exposure to Ørsted’s executive leaders for qualifying teams.

The landing page where users submitted their ideas to the platform was fully customized to create a unique brand identity for Ørsted’s innovation challenge:

Although all business units ran their challenge on the same platform, users could easily navigate between business units to submit ideas by selecting the designated tab:

From start to finish, the innovation challenge lasted over a period of 6 months, with idea sharing beginning in January and the winners announced in June:

Part Two: Idea Campaigns

In order to keep the momentum strong, post innovation challenge, Ørsted introduced open idea campaigns. This allows Ørsted to capture ideas year round and promotes continuous improvement.

Each business unit has their own specific goals for the idea campaigns and thus, the idea campaigns promote stronger cooperation among teams. This always-open format also serves to attract employees who wish to share their ideas but would otherwise not participate in the highly competitive and time constrained atmosphere of the innovation challenge.   

Part Three: Innovation Community

Ørsted created an innovation community that serves as a central hub for inspiration and dialogue, to enhance Ørsted’s current innovation efforts. This community is the place for all innovation related activities within the company.

By implementing a variety of innovation initiatives including a challenge, open-campaigns and a community, Ørsted was able to drastically increase employee engagement as well as discover new business opportunities. 

The Result

Nearly 2,000 employees actively participated on the Nosco platform. This includes idea creation or interaction (i.e. liking and commenting). The first round consisted of the top 25 ideas from each of the three business units. In the next round, the top 6 teams from each business unit participated in workshops intended to prepare teams with the necessary coaching to develop their ideas further. The winning idea from each business unit received funding, while the remaining top 25 ideas are currently under consideration by Ørsted.

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