Case Study



Danfoss produces products for heating, refrigeration and air conditioning. The company has 79 factories and 23.400 employees worldwide.

“Man on the Moon” is an annual event involving every employee at Danfoss. The mission is to collect and develop innovative ideas for the next breakthrough products.


Danfoss has realized that bringing together a group of experts is not enough to achieve radical innovation. The company need to exploit the knowledge and ideas of all its employees. This has led to the “Man on the Moon” concept.

However, involving thousands of people in a high-profile event like “Man on the Moon” makes an effective platform to host the event a cornerstone for its success. Also, history at Danfoss clearly shows that radical new ideas struggle to get through the early stages of development, unless there is a team with the right competencies to back it up.


In essence, Idea Exchange makes it extremely easy to involve and motivate thousands of people. “The Start Game” is a special version of Idea Exchange, customized to “Man on the Moon”, in which great effort has been put into making Innovation Dating easy: matching business ideas with people who possess the competencies to bring them to life.

For an idea to advance to the development phase, it has to be backed by four people with different competencies within marketing, sales and engineering. Innovation Dating works both ways. If your idea hasn’t already got a team when it’s submitted, you can browse coworkers’ profiles to find the right competencies and ask people to join the team. Or you can look for ideas that lack competencies matching your own, and ask to join the team backing the idea.


It is the ambition of Danfoss to collect, support and develop radical new ideas with the potential of making a big difference in the market. With the help of the Nosco software, Danfoss now has a tool that makes it possible to match the right people with the right ideas. It is a key benet that this happens through personal interest: people and ideas find each other, creating a valuable synergy that might never have arisen otherwise.


We have explained it a little bit closer for how you can find ideas just around the corner, read it here!