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Billabong is a world known maker of surfboards, clothes and a wide range of other products related to the surfer lifestyle. Billabong’s products are sold in more than 11.000 stores around the world.


Billabong’s challenge was to increase sales during Christmas in their 55 stores in Australia. They wanted the stores to share best practices in order to exploit sales and promotion opportunities at this important time of the year.


Billabong launched a short and intense Nosco Idea Campaign, focused on the subject: “Ideas to drive better sales in your store over Christmas”.

Every Billabong employee was given access to Nosco, enabling them to upload photos, video and text, describing their best ideas for new sales activities as well as examples of Christmas sales activities that they had used with success in their stores.

The campaign was also a competition, rewarding the authors of the best idea with free Corona beer for one year, and the runner up with a surfboard.


The idea campaign attracted a lot of interest from employees and motivated them to work together in order to win the competition.

Billabong collected numerous Christmas sales ideas and examples of practices.

The new powerful catalog of Christmas sales ideas was widely used by the stores and most importantly, sales increased compared to the previous year.

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