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10 ways to create the big breakthrough


Diana Budds at Fast Company has collected the 10 best strategies from the book How to Have Great Ideas: A Guide to Creative Thinking that will help us find the next big breakthrough, because ideas are not just a coincidence. We need to exercise our creative thinking to succeed.

 1. Ask ”What else can I do with this?”

Try to get out of your comfort zone and look at things, even the most familiar things, from new perspectives.

2. Take notice

“Creative people are expert noticers” – Science professor Guy Claxton.

Also here notice the familiar things, that usually tend to be overlooked, and open your curiosity about what is going on around you. This will make you see new possibilities for ideas.

3. Keep it simple

Instead of getting overwhelmed with a problem, keep it simple and define the problem with just a few words. Challenge yourself to break it down to 3 or 5 words.

4. Embrace absurdity

Absurdity have been important for creative minds for the past centuries, especially in the area of art. Why not use the same visual language to confound and provoke your viewers or readers.

5. Try swapping systems

Use systems and ideas from another field, this could lead to great innovation and revolutionize the market.

6. Reposition

In the same spirit as asking what else you can do with a product, it is also valuable to change scenery with the familiar products to see the possibility of completely different ideas. Reposition something at home and start training the creative mind to think different.

7. Try translating

Instead of repositioning an actual product from one place to another, it can be equally important to exercise the mind in thinking about how things can be converted from one form of medium to another. Translate music into colors and see how one idea can lead to another!

8. Just improvise

When you feel that you are in a challenging situation, such as being trapped or imprisoned, use what is close to hand or left over from another project to solve the problems. The way of thinking and acting when we improvise is a great lesson for creative thinking.

9. Understand your process

Instead of waiting for the creativity to come to you, understand when you work best and place yourself in those settings to embrace the creative process.

10. Make it personal

Your own life and the experience from it is a great source for new ideas, because that is probably what you know the best.

Fast Company has reprinted these 10 strategies from John Ingledew’s book How to Have Great Ideas: A Guide to Creative Thinking (Laurance King, 2016)

Source Fast Company

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