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    Create Positive Impact & New Revenue Streams

    Global companies including Unilever, Dow, Interface, Adidas and Nike are just a few companies leveraging the power of their organization to solve social and environmental problems and create new revenue streams. At Nosco, this is the number one priority for our clients who run innovation campaigns and competitions. See why! Corporate social responsibility is no longer enough Consumers and employees have higher standards than ever as they increasingly come to expect global companies to act socially responsible. While your organization may already engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) through philanthropic funding or volunteer efforts, stakeholders are beginning to see this as another check of the box activity to gain goodwill,…

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    Nosco Forum 2018 – Building Communities

    This year we had the pleasure of welcoming innovation experts from a variety of industries including Carlsberg, Velux, Orsted and Danfoss among others. We gathered to discuss the potential of innovation communities as well as share experiences, challenges conquered and lessons learned from our own unique innovation journeys. Highlights from the Forum Our friends at Co-matter, community building experts, demonstrated what constitutes a powerful community and why companies can benefit from creating them now. Take a look here, The State of Communities 2018. Orsted, leader in renewable energy, shared their journey of creating a company-wide innovation culture. Danfoss illustrated how to accelerate and scale collaborative innovation within a multinational organization.…

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    Nosco + Carbon Footprint Challenge 2018

    In an effort to create positive social and environmental impact, industry leaders including Bühler, Belimo, Covestro and Danfoss have joined forces once again to bring students, businesses and innovation together under one roof. Students from across the world competed to pitch their most innovative ideas to fight global warming and climate change. Through this innovation challenge, companies were exposed to top talent within innovation and new venture opportunities.   While students had the opportunity to win prize money for their new business idea and a chance to collaborate with industry experts. This year nearly 150 teams participated, with 6 teams progressing to the final round. At Nosco, our mission is to…

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    Copying might be more innovative than you think

    Imitation is at the center of an enormous amount of innovation. Rules against copying are sometimes necessary. But in many cases, they serve to slow down innovation. Copying, in short, is often central to creativity. Quote from Kal Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman, authors of The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation.   All creative ideas are built on what came before. Nothing is entirely original, and copying is part of being innovative. Anthropologist Robert Boyd and biologist Peter Richardson put it: when lots of imitation is mixed with a little bit of individual learning, any person can outreach the abilities of any individual genius Our ability to copy each other makes…

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    UNLEASH Lab 2017

    We are so proud to have been selected as Corporate Partner of UNLEASH LAB 2017. The Nosco platform will power the initiative and support young global talents in solving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. UNLEASH has created a global innovation lab and platform, fully dedicated to making the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a reality. The SDGs are the largest global partnership agreement and development plan for the planet ever. It was agreed upon by all UN member states in September 2015 and the goals will ultimately aspire to create a better, more inclusive and more prosperous world by 2030. The UNLEASH lab and platform will bring together 1000 talents from…

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    10 ways to create the big breakthrough

    SUCCESS IN CREATIVE THINKING Diana Budds at Fast Company has collected the 10 best strategies from the book How to Have Great Ideas: A Guide to Creative Thinking that will help us find the next big breakthrough, because ideas are not just a coincidence. We need to exercise our creative thinking to succeed.  1. Ask ”What else can I do with this?” Try to get out of your comfort zone and look at things, even the most familiar things, from new perspectives. 2. Take notice “Creative people are expert noticers” – Science professor Guy Claxton. Also here notice the familiar things, that usually tend to be overlooked, and open your…

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    Disruptive innovation in the Enterprise

    Take action on disruptive innovation with this idea campaign   Facebook is regarded as one of the most innovative companies in the world. FastCompany has them in 7th place on 2017’s Most Innovative Companies Index.  One of the things that have kept Facebook growing and innovating is their clear strategy for disruptive innovation. When new employees have their first day at  the company’s HQ in Menlo Park, they get the “Little Red Book”. The book is full of lessons learned and ideas that form the DNA of Facebook. To see the whole book, you have to get a job at Facebook. For the rest of us, it’s an exciting and…

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    The Field Kit

    A RESOURCE CENTER FOR SUCCESSFUL CAMPAIGNS We’ve prepared the Field Kit to accompany the Field Guide, because reading about idea campaigns is good and all, but taking action on your own campaigns is great! This Field Kit is stockpiled with free resources for making valuable idea campaigns happen in your own organisation. Use our best practices and templates for messages, checklists and pictures every time you launch a new idea campaign. You can also get some more inspiration from other cases we’ve worked with here. MESSAGES Make people participate in your campaign, by sending them the perfect message. A clear message can make a world of difference and have impact…

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    Do less to achieve more

    20 to 30 minutes can give you the solution… turns out that napping is beneficial not only for your health but also for your creativity. Have you ever slept over a problem and woke up with the solution? Thomas Edison experienced this process many times. Professors from the University College London, Georgetown and UC Berkeley have stated that the brain needs downtime to relax and make new connections. Indeed, this fact is related with any type of work, but when it comes to creativity the less you have, the better you work as you can spend time doing other activities that could influence in those creativity breakthroughs.   If we…

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    More chocolate for the people

    Good news for those with a sweet tooth! Eating chocolate, at least once a week, can increase your learning, understanding and perception. A big part of the creative thinking is about fuller awareness, being open to what’s surrounding you. Merrill Elias studied over 1,000 people and came to the conclusion that people who regularly ate chocolate scored higher on cognitive exams and carried out simple tasks with greater success which therefore improves your creative skills. Here is the tip: Eat small amounts of chocolate without guilt. Who knows… maybe you will turn out to be the new Einstein. Source: Washington Post Follow us to get more innovation hacks: LinkedIn Facebook