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Three Degrees of Open Innovation

Organizations today as well as in the past mainly look for innovation and ideas within their own borders. However, simply innovating internally, is not enough to stay competitive in more and more cases. We now see that general business trends of crowdsourcing and open innovation reflects the necessity of seeking external ideas for [...]

Richard LiRichard Li

From good ideas to great ideas in 5 simple steps

Ideas need to be great, not just good.  Ideas must have it pretty great, right? Born out of a wonderful collision creativity and logic, drifting around like a cloud at the speed of thought from one mind to the other. Just waiting to be expressed in reality. The life of an idea sounds almost too easy.  It’s not quite that simple. [...]

Kristoffer HartwigKristoffer Hartwig

Nosco cited as Leader in Innovation Management

Nosco was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its Q2 2016, Forrester WaveTM evaluation of Innovation Management Solutions. In the evaluation, Nosco was cited as a Leader in the Innovation Management Solutions space. The findings were based on current offering, strategy as well as market presence. Forrester [...]

Kristoffer HartwigKristoffer Hartwig